Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

We use 100% hand-picked, mountain grown, arabica beans paired with extraordinary equipment to achieve the highest quality roast.

El Salvador

Nut brittle and citric acidity.


Medium body, smoky well balance
flavor with hints of chocolate, coconut and berry.

TJ's House Blend

Bold, unique flavor. Vibrant.
Good Body and oh so smooth!

Welcome to TJ's Roaster

We are here to make sure you wake up to fresh roasted specialty (or if you prefer gourmet) coffee every day.
TJ’s Roaster is a small batch roaster. We roast only 5-13 lbs of coffee beans at a time. For you, that means you can enjoy the consistency and great flavor you want and deserve in your coffee. TJ’s Roaster buys the finest specialty coffee beans available from around the world. These beans are grown in high mountain altitudes that provide the perfect growing conditions to deliver great aroma, body, and flavor. Let us be your personal specialty coffee roaster!

What Our Customers are Saying

We bought some of Guatemala coffee and it was so good we threw out our other coffee. The only thing we drink now is TJ's Roaster coffee. You gotta try it!!!!!

Sam & Tina

I drink coffee daily and always TJ's Roaster.

I switch around to a couple different blends, but usually drink the Kenyan, Colombian or Guatemalan blend.

TJ's coffee is always fresh and has a superb flavor.

I highly recommend everyone try TJ's.

You will be sold on the great flavor that you get with every cup.

Simply amazing coffee.

Ed Smith

We feel great food should have great coffee. When I found TJ's, I had searched and tasted several coffee beans, but no other has given me and my customers the experience which makes us have a great social experience. The expectation has blown our minds and our energy to continue this relationship. I recommend it to all; They do a superb job, LOVE IT, EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE. 

Javier Mendez


TJ’s Roaster is excited to provide you with an eco-friendly k-cup pod. Enjoy the freshness of TJ’s coffee in k-cups; compatible with all single-cup coffee brewers.

12 K-Cup’s packed in 1 box.
.42oz (12g) per cup.


A Coffee Blend is the combination of two or more single origin coffees; blended to create a coffee with a flavor that is either better or more complete. A coffee blend has to be balanced with the right amount of sweetness, aroma, acidity, flavour and body.


The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans. It was introduced by Coffex in 1979, and was, at that time, the only commercial decaffeination method that did not use solvents.

Green Coffee

The term “green coffee bean” refers to unroasted mature coffee beans. We have Green Coffee beans available for purchase, generally used by small batch
do-it-yourself home roasters.

Light Roasts

Light roasts have a light brown, tan, color and lack of oil on the roasted beans. They have the highest acidity and are the brightest of the three roast levels.

Medium Roasts

A medium roast will have a darker brown color than a light roast and will look richer. Some of the coffee’s oils may be visible on the beans, as well.

Dark Roasts

Dark roasts are dark brown, sometimes almost black, in color. They resemble chocolate, if it was shaped like a coffee bean. Oils can be seen on the beans at this point.

Best Cup

What does it take to find the best cup? We believe this pursuit requires creative ways to bring small producers’ coffees to the forefront, by building opportunities and rewards that have historically been an impossibility for individual farmers. The Best Cup Competition—a cupping, scoring, and thrilling live auction hosted annually by Café Imports provides coffee growers and coffee roaster the unique chance to discover one another, and to make history while uncovering some of the very finest coffees in the world.

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