Use these guidelines to make your average cup of joe superb.

1. Fresh Roasted Coffee
Only fresh-roasted specialty coffee beans ground just before brewing can give you the superb taste coffee has to offer.

2. High Quality Water
You should use only filtered water for brewing coffee. Good water will produce the best-tasting coffee.

3. How Much Coffee to Use?
This is like asking someone how much mayonnaise they want on a sandwich. Because coffee is a strong flavoring agent, it takes relatively little to produce a robust brew. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America you should use 2 tablespoons per 6oz. of water and adjust accordingly. We have found the amount of coffee will range between 2 oz and 4 oz per 12 cup pot, according to your own personal taste.

4. A Coffee Grind that Matches the Brewing Time
To prevent under or over-extracting the flavor from the beans, you must match the right particle size (grind) with the right brewing time. In general, longer brewing times should be paired with larger particles and shorter brewing times with smaller particles. Too fine a grind will cause bitterness and too coarse will cause weak taste.

5. Proper Brewing is Essential
Bring the water just below boiling (200 degrees). For drip brewers the cycle should be complete in 4-6 minutes. Other good methods are the french press and vacuum pot, which brew in about 4 minutes. Avoid percolators and electrics that the cycle is longer than 6 minutes, these will over-extract the coffee and cause bitterness.

6. Coffee Storage
Is a very controversial subject to say the least. We believe the best way to store fresh roasted specialty coffee is to keep it in our bag (with a valve) and tightly reseal it, or use an airtight container. Keep it in your cabinet or pantry not in the freezer or refrigerator.  Storing coffee in the freezer or refrigerator will cause moisture to form inside the container and greatly reduce the flavor of the coffee.